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Paul Warren and Elinor Swanson are dedicated to providing exceptional representation to their clients.  If you have been injured or a member of your family has been injured due to another person's negligence or misconduct, we can help you.
Medical Malpractice


When you see the doctor, you trust that you are putting your health in good hands.  If you have been injured by the negligence or intentional conduct of a medical professional, contact us.


Some examples of medical malpractice cases are:


Birth Injury

Surgical Error


Fentanyl/Prescribed Drug Harm

Nursing/Caretaker Negligence

Emergency Room Negligence

Chiropractor Negligence

Error in Anesthesia

Personal Injury


If you have been injured in an accident or due to another's negligence, call us today.  Paul Warren and Elinor Swanson will inform you of all your options for legal recourse, including the possibility of a personal injury settlement or litigation.


Some examples of personal injury cases are:


Auto Accidents

Dog Attacks

Work-Related Injuries

Defective Products

Sports-Related Injuries

Insurance Bad Faith


"Bad faith" is a legal term that generally means that an insurance company has acted unreasonably or unfairly in the payment of a claim, or in fulfillment of its duties owed to an insured. This includes instances where an insurance company has unreasonably denied, delayed, or underpaid a claim. It can be difficult to prove insurance bad faith, especially without experienced attorneys to represent you. If you have been involved in an incident that required you to file a claim with your insurance company, and you have reason to believe that your insurance company has acted in bad faith, call us today.

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